You may apply for a scholarship when you have been accepted for your chosen Master’s programmes.   EIT Food offers various scholarships to top talents based on a combination of academic skills (such as past performance, quality of previous education and university), professional background and affinity with innovation and entrepreneurship.   

For the 2022 intake, the following scholarships are available, in limited amounts, for successful applicants of any of our Master’s programmes:

  • Type A: Full participation fee waiver
  • Type B: Partial participation fee waiver: your participation fee is reduced by 90% to 10% of the participation fee
  • Type C: Partial participation fee waiver: your participation fee is reduced by 80% to 20% of the participation fee

For EU & UK citizens, we have a total of 60 scholarships available.

For non-EU citizens, we have a total 30 scholarships available

EIT Food Scholarships: participation fee waivers

The participation fee waiver means an exemption of paying (partially) the participation fee.  This does not include costs associated with traveling to your home institute or travel between the institutes.  It does not include housing or subsistence, insurances, etc.   A limited number of EIT Food Scholarships will be available.  

Partial participation fee waivers means only a part of your participation fee is waived, and it will require a deposit fee.

Payment Plans

EIT Food offers payment plans for the duration of your studies as well - please inquire about payment plans when you are offered a place.