Food safety, transparency, traceability

The Master in Food Systems (MFS) is set up to create skills and knowledge crucial for tackling the most urgent challenges facing the food sector today. In the MFS partnership, we have identified a number of profiles that specifically address each of these challenges. All mobility paths in the MFS combine expertise from three different partner universities - the "home institution" and two other universities where students spend their 2nd and 3rd semester. Select the profile that best matches your area of interest, to find the mobility paths which offer the deepest focus on this area.

Food safety, transparency, traceability.

Food safety is a cornerstone of quality, healthy and excellence of the food. However, consumers have a reduced trust in the food sector. This is complicated by a highly fragmented food sector lack of transparency. State of the art analytical and biological methods, as well as systems to early detect harms in food, are essential for food safety. Digitalisation, analytics and biological data coupled with a data management processes will be instrumental to guaranty the safety of citizen and to gain trust in the Food System.

The Master in Food Systems offers the following mobility paths within this focus area: