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Aim of the course
The Program “Master in Food Systems” (MFS) is an integrated graduate degree program organized by academic institutions and industrial partners from across EIT Food pan-European partner network. Its goal is to prepare students to drive a future transformation of the food system and increase the competitiveness of their future employing companies. The MFS program promotes a deep knowledge of the food system as an integrated value chain by providing students with the opportunity to study consecutively at three academic institutions which provide distinctly different semester blocks, each one of them focusing on specific areas of the food system. This is coupled with a partner-mentored project/thesis work and non-academic activities offered by industrial partners.

The seven participating universities have developed distinct in-depth blocks that cover specific areas of the food system. By combining three of these blocks or tracks, students gain an integrated knowledge on the food system through various tracks combinations (e.g. primary production + food processing + consumer sciences, or food production + logistics + digitization). In addition, pan-European activities at industrial partner sites will ensure bonding of the international cohort, and facilitate the creation of an international alumni network, with alumni activities offered by EIT Food. The program will create a class of students that covers the food system in its entirety, with graduates having a holistic systems-type knowledge along with skills sets, providing, at the same time, selective knowledge within the food system by being able to customize their particular Master Program.

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Focus Areas

The Master programme offers various focus areas:

For who
The program targets an elite group of students across the EU that has previously obtained a degree in a related discipline, but providing a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. With personalized study plans, it allows for a unique integration of different aspects of the food system, becoming a new breed of food entrepreneurs. The MFS attracts excellent students with a wide variety of different academic backgrounds to the food sector to foster the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge from other disciplines. Students are expected to become creative leaders and team builders capable of bringing distinctive points of view along with novel solutions for tomorrow consumers and citizens. The program will accomplish this by allowing students to take a “learning and experimental” journey through EIT Food partnership network.

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24 Mar 2023

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