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Q: How many paths can I select in one application?

You can select up to three different paths from the total of 18 for your application. These will be treated as your preferred choices (or priorities) for enrolment in the Masters programme. If your application is successful, you will be enrolled in one of those paths. Before you make your choice, consider the following:

Every institution offers a limited number of places, equally distributed among 3 paths for which it acts as a "home university". In order to be successful, you need to be among the top candidates for (at least) one of the home unversities you selected. There are two ways to distribute your three choices:

"University-specific": if you have made up your mind about your preferred home university, you can raise your chances of being accepted at that university by selecting all of the paths which start at that university.

"Profile-specific": if you have made up your mind about a path with a certain profile, and the home university is less important to you, you can select paths with that profile at different home universities. Depending on your ranking, the admission board will try to make the best possible offer in relation to your priorities.

Click here  for our path advisory tool.


Q: How will my application be evaluated?

A: The following criteria are used for evaluating applications:

    Final grade of Bachelor’s degree
    Experiences in the area of entrepreneurship
    Outcome of the interview

In the selection process, all applications are screened on the first two criteria. The best candidates are invited for interviews. All three criteria are then used to determine the top candidates, who will receive an offer for enrolment in one of the paths indicated as a preference.


Q: What is the interview about?

A: In the application interviews, every invited candidate will be evaluated on their knowledge in relation to the food system, their entrepreneurial potential, and their English communicative competence.