Q: How should I decide which study path(s) I should select in my application?

A: We've identified a number of focus areas that specifically address food system challenges. All mobility paths are categorized to allow study with a focus on at least one of those areas by combining expertise from three different partner universities - the "home institution" and two other universities where students spend their 2nd and 3rd semester. Select paths in the focus area that best matches your area of interest. For a comparison of the options in different paths, click here .

We advise you to select your preferred path and at least 2 alternatives in your application.


Q: Can I edit my application after I have submitted?

A: You will be able to fill empty fields and add documents to your application after you have clicked "Submit", but you will not be able to change existing entries. If you need to change responses (e. g. if they contain an error), contact mfs@eitfood.com.

We encourage you to submit your application early, and not to wait until the deadline. This makes it easier on our end, as it leaves us time to give you feedback in case something is missing, and to coordinate among the partnership to take your preferences into account.


Q: How will my application be evaluated?

A: The following criteria are used for evaluating applications:

  •     Final grade of Bachelor’s degree
  •     Entrepreneurial potential
  •     Outcome of the selection interview

In the selection process, all applications are screened on the first two criteria. The best candidates are invited for interviews. All three criteria are then used to determine the top candidates, who will receive an offer for enrolment in one of the paths indicated as a preference. Depending on availability of places, the consortium may offer alternative choices based on the preferences given.


Q: What is the interview about?

A: In the application interviews, every invited candidate will be evaluated on their knowledge in relation to the food system, a deeper exploration of their entrepreneurial potential, and their English communicative competence.


Q: Can I already apply for a scholarship in my application?

A: The application for a scholarship can be made after you have received an offer for the programme. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit, as determined by your score in the application process.

See the page "Scholarship" for info on the different levels of scholarships available.